The 42 framework and metamodel provide the underlying structure for several products on the market today. 

Pragmatica Innovations latest commercially available product, PrISM business management platform, uses the 42 metamodel as an underlying model to manage the information provided in the interface.  The 42 capture framework is also used as a utility for capturing business information to be managed in the PrISM suite.  The objective elements of the PrISM assessment utilize the metamodel elements to provide succinct measurable values to optimize a business enterprise.

 Pragmatica Innovations (the company) has used this innovative metamodel to optimize their product suite, the Data Enabled Enterprise (DE2), for years.  It is a pivotal part of the DE2M (Data Enabled Enterprise Modeler) software as well as the modeling method imparted through the Visio Stencil set provided in the tool suite. It has the capacity to model anything... and has been used extensively in the Department of Defense modeling - explicitly in DODAF.